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Creekside Connection

The Creekside Inn is more than just a hotel. 

For many, it is a memory. A family fishing trip passed on from one generation to the next.

For some, a tradition. Returning year after year to take in the splendor of autumn leaves & the Eastern Sierra. 

For others, a new adventure; the most memorable backpack adventure you've ever had, with the promise of a return.

Many things will change, but the Creekside Inn remains constant in your memories. 

So many of our guests have shared what a special place the Creekside Inn has in their memories, we invite you to send us your story, memory or adventure of the Creekside Inn so we can share it with all our guests. You are welcome to include pictures. 

We invite you to share your Creekside Connection with us by emailing  

Blue Heron

Wildlife at the Creekside

Great photo taken by guests,  Chase & Chris by Bishop Creek at the Creekside Inn. A beautiful Blue Heron is a guest in residence at the Creekside Inn. Photo taken on September 21, 2022.


My Daughter

Our Daughter

Here is the only photo I have of our several stays at Creekside. I can't believe it! My daughter is doing a little coloring after a fun swim in the pool.


I also have vivid and fond memories of my husband feeding our son a bottle, now 11, on our Creekside patio before a trip up the mountain. 


Our family has been taking trips to the High Sierras for over 30 years and we love our little pit stops at Creekside for the sound of the stream, dip in the pool and relaxing environment. The beautiful creek side patios allow us all time to unwind after a long drive and to enjoy each other's company all while listening to our favorite sound-the stream. Thanks for the perfect location to begin our vacation on a high note!


Courtney C.

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Creekside Inn to Mammoth

Via the UK

We all ways stop at Creekside inn on our way to and from Mammoth Mountain
Fantastic hotel with a really chilled out vibe with the lovely open fire to sit by whilst we fit out bindings to our boards after our long flight from the UK in readiness for our boarding trip to the mountain. The homeward stay is just as nice but sad in another way as we know we are heading home from another fantastic trip.

Mark B.

My Day Dream


If I were at the Creekside Inn (again) I'd be checking my pack to be heading back to Shepherd Pass to make another attempt at Mount Williamson



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Crowley Lake

Great Day at Crowley Lake, Big Fish!

We had a great day at Crowley Lake fishing with Joe from Performance Anglers. Not as many fish, but some big ones! Richard S.